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Originating in the Philippines through founder Pi Villaraza, the ‘innerdance’ process is an awareness-based practice that guides participants into profound states of perception and interconnectedness, by activating the full range of cognitive abilities of the human sensorium.

As an inherently powerful form of intersensory meditation, innerdance encourages self-exploration in ways that lead to expansive insights and understandings of ourselves, our perceptions and our place in this world.

Innerdance sessions may be run as group journeys or as individual healing sessions. Contact us HERE or see below for more information. 


Lead by Rebecca, Soulscape Arts offers innerdance as group healing and awakening journeys at yoga studios around Melbourne, as well as at festivals and retreats.

Recently, innerdance with Soulscape Arts has been featured at:

Rainbow Serpent Festival
Seven Sisters
Esoteric Festival
Confest (pictured)

Reconnect Retreat

We have also run the following series, collaborations and immersions in Australia and overseas:

Innerdance Soul Explorations Series
Innerdance Healings and Awakenings
Goddess Awakening: A Journey of Rebirth and Transformation
Journey to the Inner Heart: Kundalini Yoga, Innerdance and Creative Flow
‘Decolonising Consciousness’, part of the One World Bearing Witness Global Peace Vigil
‘Celebrations of Consciousness’ three-week Innerdance Convergence, Thailanad
‘WE ARE HERE’ two-day Innerdance Immersion, Thailanad
‘Awakening the Dreamer’ Symposium feat. Innerdance, Singapore

To keep up to date with innerdance events around Australia connect via FACEBOOK or click HERE.


Every Friday evening, innerdance journeys are held at Summer Healing Yoga in Brunswick, from 7:30-9pm.

Coming together to experience innerdance in this way, each week, allows us to grow as a community and explore all facets of the practice, from a place of self-nurturing and self-empowerment.

To make the innerdance process accessible for everyone, the yoga studio offers journeys at the discounted price of $25 per session, or $100 for ten sessions ($10 per session).

Friday evenings offer the perfect space and time to join the growing Melbourne community to try out innerdance, or to deepen your existing practice.

Click HERE to book (go to the relevant Friday date), or for more info:

To read more about the innerdance process see: