Many know capoeira for its high-flying acrobatics, beautiful movement and rhythmic beats. Less is known about the spiritual richness of this powerful Afro-Brazilian martial art, which integrates bodily movement with raw rhythms to call in the energy of ‘Axé’ (Eng: Ashé).

Ashé is Life Force, known in other cultures as Prana, Qi, Mana, Baraka and Ruach (‘the breath of life’).
Capoeira rituals generate ashe through movement and music, by clearing and activating the energy channels of the body and producing sonic vibratory resonance. Importantly, capoeira encourages practitioners to embody joy, which is in and of itself a pure bearer of the ashé energy.

In Soulscape Arts’ capoeira workshops and classes, we delve into the physical movements of capoeira, becoming conscious of how these unlock energetic potentials. We also explore the power of capoeira’s grounded music and share information on the spiritual, philosophical, historical and cultural aspects of this transcendental martial art. 

Soulscape Arts provides capoeira classes and workshops for adults and children, which focus on capoeira movement, music, energetics and culture.

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